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Pilgrims arrival


Jeddah – 30.08.2017 – Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS), the national and leading ground handling company across all airports in the Kingdom, has continued its efforts to serve and facilitate the arrival procedures for pilgrims arriving through King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAIA) and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (PMAIA). Up to the end of Wednesday 30/08/2017, SGS employees had worked effortlessly around the clock to serve 1.386.944 pilgrims coming on board of 6,136 flights. In addition, SGS team has handled over 1,600,000 peices of luggage at both airports.

At KAIA, SGS operation team received a total of 842,955 pilgrims and 4,328 Hajj fllghts. Of which 2,410 flights by international airlines, carrying on board 488,325 pilgrims, 1,684 Saudi Arabian Airlines flights carrying on board 328,120 pilgrims and 230 flights by NAS Air carrying on board 26,510 pilgrims.

While the operational statistics of SGS has also shown that the total number of hajj flights that were handled at PMAIA during the same period was 1,808 flight. Of these flights, 420,485 pilgrims arrived on board of 1,412 flights via international airlines and 123,504  pilgrims arrived on board of 396 flights via Saudi Arabian Airlines.

“Our employees have succeeded to facilitate all the arrival procedures to the pilgrim, while maintaining high standards of safety. As we always promiss, we will spare no effort to serve the pilgrims and provide them with the highest standerds of ground handling services. Just like every year, we have develop all the operational plans through periodic meetings to ensure availability of all the operational needs and to also coordinate with all parties involved to ensure smooth arrival process to the pilgrims” Mr. Qaid Bin Khalaf Al Otaibi, CEO of SGS Said

Worth mentioning that all plans that were set to improve SGS performance have achieved satisfactory rates. In July 2017, the satisfactory rate reached 99.21% compared with 97.35% for the same month last year. While up to 15th of  August 2017, the satisfactory rate increase to 99.60% compared with 98.59% for the same period in 2016.