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Jeddah – 16.10.2017 – Recognizing employees’ good work confirms their efforts are valued. On that base, the leading national ground handling Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS) launched its “SGS Annual Awards” on Sunday 15.10.2017, at Leylaty Hall in Jeddah. The event aims to recognize employees of the month and employees who put in great efforts and participated in the Hajj season. Also, to appreciate the hard work and cooperation of the airline customers and the relevant government agencies.

SGS Chairman of the Board, Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Howaish, board of directors, airlines companies’ executives, and government agencies’ directors, witnessed the recognition of 1,734 of the employees who contributed to the success of the Hajj season 1438H and employees of the month. As well as, 94 of SGS airlines customers and related government agencies.

Mr. Qaid bin Khalaf Al Otaibi, SGS former CEO, was also recognized for his great efforts and leadership, which lead the company to achieve outstanding results, and for achieving the best financial results for investors.

“I would like to thank all the employees for their efforts in serving the pilgrims and facilitating their travel procedures. Our success was a result of the hard work and dedication of all SGS employees, relevant government agencies, and our airline customers.” Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Howaish, Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Al-Howaish added: “Despite the increase in the number of pilgrims this year compared to last year, we have successfully managed to operate this season with less mistakes in comparison with previous years. This is the fruit of the business transformation program, which aims to improving the company’s services to become the leading companies in the Saudi market and in the Middle East.”

From his side, and commenting on the success, Eng. Omar bin Mohammed Najjar, CEO of SGS “Good preparations, preset plans, contentious follow-up and by the support of senior management, all of these elements were behind the success of this season.”

“Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees want to be recognized and valued for their contribution. Therefore, honoring our employees was inevitable to recognizing their great efforts and dedication. They are the core element of the company,” he added.

Eng. Najjar concludes: “honoring our partners in success from the relevant government sectors and our airline customers is an expression of our appreciation for their outstanding efforts and cooperation.”

This comes from the principle of transparency and giving everyone what they deserve. In addition, SGS is continuing to develop and transform, which is in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030 to provide the best services in ground handling by international standards.