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Jeddah – 22.01.2018 – In an event that took place on Monday 22 January 2018 at the headquarters of Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS), the leading ground handling services provider in all airports across the Kingdom, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) recognized the outstanding performance and humanitarian efforts of three SGS employees; Abdulrahman Abu Habra, Saud Al Bugami and Hattan Al Duaijei, who assisted and facilitated all the traveling procedures for a traveler with special needs. Eng. Abdulrahman Altayeb, VP Corporate Communication, Saudi Arabian Airlines and on behalf of Saudia, honored and recognized the SGS employees, at the office of Eng. Omar M. Najjar, SGS’ CEO.

“Customers are the core of our business; therefore, their satisfaction is very essential for us and we appreciate every employee that provides them with a good service. What SGS team did, is a perfect example of outstanding customer service. As a result, honoring them was important to express our gratitude for exceeding our expectations in serving our customers” Eng. Abdulrahman Altayeb stated.

From his side, Eng. Omar Najjar commented: “we have outstanding and highly qualified employees, who we are proud of, and we appreciate their great efforts for delivering an outstanding performance that reflects the company’s values. What they did in serving the special need passenger, is a clear evidence of their professionalism and commitment to their work even after the working hours.”