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Dear Valued Customer:

In a continuous effort to improve service delivery to our customers, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Dirk Goovaerts, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Saudi Ground Service Company (SGS).

Dirk has joined us during September and he brings with him a wealth of experience in world class international ground handling at hubs and bases.

Most recently Dirk held the position of Senior Vice President Europe for Menzies Aviation, with activities in 58 airports spread over 10 European countries.

Head count:                                          8500
Turns handled:                                    532.000 per annum
Cargo Tonnes handled:                     750.000 per annum

Dirk was responsible to deliver a safe, secure, high quality and cost efficient service at all Menzies Aviation businesses across Europe. Also, he was a member of the Executive Committee and reported to the Menzies Aviation President & Managing Director.

Furthermore, Dirk was in charge for Menzies operations at some of the busiest airports in Europe, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and Copenhagen. At some airports, over 60.000 flights per annum were handled by Menzies, an equivalent of 180 flights per day. The customer base includes the world’s most successful high service wide body operators, flag carriers as well as all the leading European low cost carriers.

We are looking forward to Dirk’s appointment and the positive transformation he will drive to further improve operational excellence, the service delivery and the customer experience.