• The share capital of SGS is (1,880,000,000) Saudi rivals ($501,333,333)
  • SGS offered 56.4 million shares, representing 30c/o share capital of the company, to the public
  • SGS was officially listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) on 24 Jun 2015
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines is the largest customer of SGS, accounting for 50% of total revenues
  • Approval was obtained on the accounting policies to shift to the international financial reporting Standards (I FRS)
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation “Saudia” owns 52.5% of SGS shares
  • National Handling Services Company owns 14.7% of SGS shares
  • Al-Attar Ground Handling Company owns 2.8% of SGS shares
  • The initial public offering of 2.82 billion Saudi rivals is the largest initial public offering of a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian Airlines

Human Resources

  • In 2016, SGS established a Corporate Governance & Compliance Department to ensure the implementation of the principles of the corporate governance
  • In 2017 SGS established a Risk Management Department to ensure that the company is equipped with better understanding and readiness of risks and their likely impacts
  • By the end of 2017 the total number of SGS employees is 10,200 – with 67°A) Saudisation

Training & Development

  • SGS has a Training Academy that is accredited by IATA and GACA and has 16 accredited trainers
  • SGS Training Academy has developed 14 training curricula feeding into job opportunities in the company


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