Mr. Raed H. Al-ldrissi


Raed Al-Idrissi stands out in his area with wide ranging executive experiences, extending over 20 years, varying between ground services operations and project management. He was appointed the Acting CEO of SGS in January 2021 then later officially appointed in August 2021, after fulfilling the role of the EVP of Operations during the preceding year.

Raed has been known for being a result-oriented leader, with exceptional communication and team-building skills, demonstrated in overseeing the performance ten thousand employees across all 28 airports around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His customer-focused approach stands behind his outstanding management of the operations that serve 100 million passengers boarding over 700 thousand flights annually.

Prior to joining SGS, Raed started his career in operations with Saudi Aramco back in 2001, serving various roles in the company and making major contributions everywhere he lands; most significantly, achieving a record cost avoidance of almost 1b SAR. In 2016, he became the Chief of Ground Services Operations, which he served in until 2019. In his latest role at Aramco, Raed led multiple successful projects; including utilizing technology to rehabilitate the Shaybah Runway, obtaining the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (ISBAH) Certificate for eleven Aramco stations, and remarkably improving the operational processes resulting in better turnaround performance reaching 97% in on-time performance.

Raed is an alumnus of King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, holding an Executive MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management.